Our Services

Headset Finance Service

Spread the cost of your headset purchase by taking advantage of our Headset Finance Service, freeing up cashflow for other purposes and fixing your costs to make budgeting easier.
With a minimum facility of £1,000 net (approximately 20 headsets, model dependant) and repayments over 1, 2 or 3 years we can provide you with the spending power to keep you ahead.

Headset Security Marking

For a number of years we have been engraving a date code into the plastic of the headset's QD connector, helping us quickly identify when a headset was supplied. Taking the date coding a step further, individual headsets can be marked with a permanent serial number, allowing swift identification and security in the knowledge that the mark cannot be removed. The marking process can be carried out cheaply and retrospectively and is not limited to our own products.

Buy Back

What do you do with your old and broken headsets? Don't just throw them away, they're worth money! Simply use your old headsets in part exchange for new and receive either discount or account credit against new Voice Active headsets as part of our Buy Back scheme.

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